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Called To Service 2014-2015

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Called To Service 2014-2015
As you select a sermon and watch, may you receive God's richest blessings. Right Click to watch Video, choose new window or tab.

[VIDEO]    02-21-15     Called to Service: Called to Be a Witness..No. 7                               Pave  Goia
[VIDEO]    02-14-15     Called to Service: Called to Be a Witness in No. 6                            Pavel Goia
[VIDEO]    01-24-15     Called to Service:Called to Be a Blessing No. 5                                Pavel Goia
[VIDEO]    01-10-15     Called to Service: Called for This Time No. 4                                     Pavel Goia
[VIDEO]    01-03-15     Called to Service: Embraced by God No. 3                                         Pavel Goia
[VIDEO]    12-27-14     Called to Service:In His Service No. 2                                                 Pavel Goia
[VIDEO]    06-14-14     Called to Service:Healthy Body No. 1                                                  Pavel Goia