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Foods for Thought

You'll learn how to...

Help children improve their brain function
Perform at your very best
Enjoy great health
Experience spiritual renewal
Improve memory 
Stay in a better mood

Foods for Thought is a unique community education progam that will: 
  • Promote physical, mental and spiritual healing
  • Create a more intimate friendship with God and interest in the Bible
The message of a healthy lifestyle is Biblical!  And it offers protection against needless stress, disease, and physical, spiritual and mental sickness.
God's plan for our physical, mental, social and spiritual development includes all of these aspects of development and growth.  They are all interrelated and effect one another greatly.
Foods for Thought is a dynamic lifestyle intervention program thta demonstrates the relationship between what we eat and how our brain works.  Foods for Thought provides stratefies that help individuals see the link between nutirition and mood, memory and learning behavior, using Biblical and scientific principles.
This is a 4-part program that covers a varity of topics (see list at top).  Each session includes an informative lecture, a nutrition feature, lifestyle feature, food samples and discussion groups. 
Foods for Thought does more than show you why food choices affect mood, memory, learning and behaviour.  It also gives you practical, easy steps on how to implement changes in a delicious and delightful way that will benefit the whole family.
This program will help you learn how to enhance the function of the brain, and focuses especially on benefiting children.  You'll learn how a few simple steps can result in significant improvement in your children's brain function!
Science now demonstrates that the right foods have the ability to maximize your brain's potential, reduce disease, and remove obstacles to functioning at your best!
Your kids will perform at their very best, and so will you!